Tinsel with Toph: A Toys for Tots Fundraiser

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in Tinsel with Toph 2020!
The event was a huge success, & with your help, we TRIPLED our fundraising goal, raising over


$3,000 for Toys for Tots!!!

It's because of YOU that we were able to help bring the joy of the holiday season to less-fortunate children!


See you next year! 💚



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Tinsel with Toph is a holiday themed one-day only, private live-streamed event on December 20th, 2020, from 1:00PM-6:30PM EST to help raise money for the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, with a goal to:

Raise $1,000 in one afternoon!

After purchasing your exclusive access ticket (which includes one raffle entry, and a $1 donation towards our fundraising goal), you will be emailed a private Zoom link the morning of the event, as well as the PayPal information for fundraising.

The schedule is as follows:

There will be prizes for the highest and second highest donors, the trivia winner, the best cosplay winner, the special Tinsel Toph (randomly selected participant who aces a fun fact quiz), and a random raffle winner (which is what your access ticket gives you a single entry for!)


General Raffle:

(Access ticket = 1 entry, every $20 donated = 1 entry, Ticket + Tee Bundle = 3 entries)

Tinsel Toph:

(Randomly selected from participants who correctly answer all five fun facts)

  • 15 Minute Private Video Hangout
  • Bandit Basics Item of Choice
  • Unreleased Bandit Basics Sticker Pack
  • Restful Rockmas Magnet

Top Donor:

(Minimum total donation amount of $75)

Top Donor Runner Up:

(Minimum total donation amount of $74)

Trivia Winner:

Best Cosplay:

Bonus Prizes

Donate $20 or More

  • Bandit Basics 20% off code
  • An extra raffle entry for every $20 you donate

Runaway Runner Ups

(Participants who correctly answer all five fun facts but aren't selected to be Tinsel Toph)

  • Bandit Basics 10% Off Code

Please note: US prize winners receive free shipping. Those outside the US will be responsible for 50% of the shipping cost. We thank you for understanding!

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