Coral Reef Alliance Fundraiser


Millions of people and species of wildlife depend on coral reefs. While climate change threatens their future, science shows that corals can adapt and survive if we keep them healthy. 

Want to join us in making a difference this Earth Day 2022

Bandit Basics is raising money to benefit CORAL REEF ALLIANCE , and any donation will help protect and conserve our world’s coral reefs. Donate now until Friday, April 29th and help us reach our goal of $2,222!

Every Donor receives a 
FREE Original Earth Celebration Phone Background by Bandit Basics resident artist Mochi

Each $22 Donation = One Entry into Bandit Basics Merch Bundle Raffle which includes:

- Handpicked Hawaiian Trinkets by Michaela Jill Murphy, from her current trip to Hawaii
- One-of-One Earth Day Themed Shirt, autographed by Michaela Jill Murphy
- Unique 22% Discount Code for Bandit Basics

Highest Donor wins a One-On-One Zoom Call with Michaela Jill Murphy AKA The Voice of Toph

For more information and to make your donation, please visit our GoFundMe.

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